Books by Tim Myers

Lighthouse Mystery Series
Innkeeping with Murder
Reservations for Murder
Murder Checks Inn
Room for Murder
Booked for Murder
Key to Murder
Ring for Murder

Candlemaking Series
At Wick’s End
Snuffed Out
Death Waxed Over
A Flicker of Doubt
Waxing Moon

Soapmaking Series
Dead Men Don’t Lye
A Pour Way To Dye
A Mold for Murder

Cardmaking Series
Invitation to Murder
Deadly Greetings
Murder and Salutations

Slow Cooker Mysteries
Slow Cooked Murder
Simmering Death

Standalone Cozy Mysteries
A Family of Strangers
Volunteer for Murder

Paranormal Adult
Werewolf PI
Zombie PI

Romantic Fantasy
The Fairy Godfather

Caved In

Short Story Collections
A Touch of Romance
Beauty Times 3
Can You Guess What’s Next? Vol. 1
Can You Guess What’s Next? Vol. 2
Crimes with a Twist
Dark Shots
Dark Sips of Mystery
Did You Solve The Crime? Vol. 1
Did You Solve The Crime? Vol. 2
Did You Solve The Crime? Vol. 3
Hidden Messages
Long Shots
Marriage Can Be Murder
Money Mysteries
Murder is a Special Occasion
Murder Nine to Five
Pet Mysteries
Repeat Performances
Senior Sleuths Again
Senior Sleuths Times 3
Turning the Tables

Middle Grade Readers
Book of Time and Ben Franklin
Book of Time and Thomas Edison
Book of Time and Archimedes
Crispin Livingston Hughes, Boy Inventor
Emma’s Emerald Mine
Lost in Monet’s Garden
Lost in Picasso’s Cubes

Young Adult Mysteries
Lightning Ridge
Rebuilding My Life
Tackling the Truth

Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Paranormal Kids
Paranormal Camp
Wizard’s School Year 1: The Wizard’s Secret
Wizard’s School Year 2: The Killing Crystal