These books offer the beginning two entries of a promising new series of cozy mysteries.

Slow Cooked Murder, Book #1

Along with her overprotective family and her cat, Cleo–who also happens to be her landlord–Sarah Jacobs loves slow cooking more than anything else in the world. In Slow Cooked Murder, a student is killed after one of Sarah’s slow cooker classes at the community college. She and several of her students quickly become suspects, and Sarah must fight to uncover the killer and prove their innocence.

Simmering Death, Book #2

slow_cooker_2_kindleIn the second installment of the Slow Cooker culinary cozy mystery series– Simmering Death–Sarah goes head to head with a local chef to see who makes the best dish. When one of the judges, and Sarah’s harshest critic, is murdered on stage, Sarah is the focus of the investigation and must prove her own innocence.