Cozy mysteries, or gentle mysteries, as Tim likes to call them, are his specialty.

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Lighthouse Mystery Series

Innkeeping with Murder

lighthouse_1_kindleInnkeeper Alex Winston owns Hatteras West, an exact replica of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When one of Alex’s guests is found dead at the top of the lighthouse, at first no one is sure what killed him. But a series of ‘accidents’ soon after show that someone is targeting Alex’s Inn for mayhem, trying to do more than just put him out of business.

Reservations for Murder

lighthouse_2_kindleThe Golden Days Crafts Fair comes to Hatteras West, and Alex couldn’t be more excited. His new maid, Elise Danton, is working out better than he could have hoped, and things are finally looking up for Alex. That is until the town’s blacksmith is murdered at the fair, and Alex must solve the murder to clear the name of his inn.

Murder Checks Inn

lighthouse_3_kindleThe Hatteras West Inn is the perfect getaway, a replica of the Hatteras West Lighthouse tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when the Trask family comes to sort out their father’s will, they bring their troubles with them. When Alex’s uncle is murdered, it ties directly into the squabbling family, and Alex is determined to find out who killed his uncle.

Room for Murder

lighthouse_4_kindleAlex is thrilled when his best friend, Mor Pendleton, is engaged to Emma Sturbridge. He and his maid, and budding love interest, Elise Danton, are already talking about holding the wedding at the base of the Hatteras West Lighthouse, but those plans are ruined when Emma’s ex husband is found murdered on the grounds of the inn.

Booked for Murder

lighthouse_5_kindleInnkeeper Alex Winston is happy to get the Carolina Rhapsody Emerald to display at the Hatteras West Inn, but when he hears about the curse on the jewel, he begins to have doubts. The show is nearly over when the precious emerald is stolen, and the man hired to guard it is murdered.

Key to Murder

Key to MurderAlex and Elise swap lighthouse inns and go the Outer Banks to run the Cape Kidd lighthouse inn. While they are there, murder pays a visit, and as the innkeepers and guests are isolated from the rest of the world by a storm, they must solve the murder, or be the next victims.
Includes a special afterword on how the Lighthouse Inn books came to be!

Ring for Murder

Ring for MurderAlex and Elise are finally getting married! At least they think so. But when a body of one of their guests is found murdered on the day of their wedding, they must find the killer before they can say I do!

Honeymoon for Murder

Honeymoon for MurderAlex and Elise go away to Bear Creek Lodge for their honeymoon, but instead of a relaxing time, they quickly discover that someone died in the room next to them recently. Was it suicide, as the police suspect, or murder, as the newlyweds begin to believe? Their investigation covers the guests at the lodge as well as a new array of eclectic townsfolk, and they soon discover that there is a great deal more going on at Bear Creek than they ever would have suspected.

Candlemaking Series

At Wick’s End

candle_1_kindleHarrison Black is stunned when he learns that his Great Aunt Belle has been murdered. The shock runs even deeper when an attorney informs him that he’s inherited At Wick’s End, a candleshop housed in the River’s Edge complex. As he learns the art of candlemaking, Harrison also tries his hand at solving her murder.

Snuffed Out

candle_2_kindleWhen the power goes out at the River’s Edge complex, candlemaker and landlord Harrison Black starts searching for the reason. When he stumbles upon the body of potter Araron Gaskin, he is left with more than a blown fuse to worry about.

Death Waxed Over

candle_3_kindleDuring the Founder’s Day celebration in New Conover, North Carolina, candlemaker Harrison Black has a run-in with his new rival, Gretel Barnett. When the woman is soon murdered, a hysterical witness claims she saw Harrison do it! He must find the real killer, or lose everything he’s come to love.

A Flicker of Doubt

candle_4_kindleCandlemaker Harrison Black is out on the Gunpowder River when his kayak bumps into something he thinks is a log. When Harrison discovers the grim truth that it’s a body, he is shocked even more when he realizes that it is someone he knows all too well.

Waxing Moon

candle_5_kindleWaxing Moon is a short story from the world of my Candlemaking Mystery series, first published in Berkley Prime Crime’s MURDER MOST CRAFTY anthology in 2005.

Candles and crime go hand-in-hand for Harrison Black, owner of the candleshop At Wick’s End. When his friend and tenant Millie Nelson’s cafe, The Crocked Pot, is robbed during a wedding rehearsal dinner, it’s up to Alex to uncover the thief and shed light on who committed the crime.

Soapmaking Series

Dead Men Don’t Lye

Dead Men Don't LyeBen Perkins is the family and business troubleshooter for Where There’s Soap, a family-owned boutique and small scale production shop the creates and sells all things Soap related. When one of the store’s suppliers is doused with Lye and dies, Ben soon finds out that one of his sisters was dating the man, and worse yet, it had just ended badly. Ben must deal with his ex-girlfriend and police officer Molly Wilkes, as well as a new woman in his life as he tries to solve the supplier’s murder.

A Pour Way To Dye

A Pour Way To DyeBen’s family has owned Where There’s Soap, their boutique and production facility, for what seems like forever. When a nasty neighbor puts up a fence on their land, he claims it belongs to him, and he has the papers to prove it. As Ben digs into this problem, an even bigger one comes along when the neighbor in question is found murdered right next door!

A Mold for Murder

A Mold for MurderBen’s family soapmaking business, Where There’s Soap, risks a lot when they decide to hold the first annual Soap Celebration. He even invites renowned author and soapmaker Contessa New Berne, who turns out to be every bit the drama queen he was led to expect. As the crowd waits impatiently for her to appear at the event, Ben goes in search of her, only to find that she’s been murdered in the back room while waiting to go on!

Cardmaking Series

Invitation to Murder

card_1_kindleJennifer Shane takes a leap of faith and opens her own card shop, Custom Card Creations. She hires her sassy aunt Lillian, but business is off to a slow start until the phone rings. Jennifer hopes it’s an order, but instead, she hears a woman pleading for her life. Jennifer enlists her brother’s aid, who also happens to be the town sheriff, to help her find out who dialed the wrong number!

Deadly Greetings

card_2_kindleWhen Cardshop owner Jennifer Shane needs a cheaper place to live, her aunt Lillian finds her a place by the lake. The reason it is so inexpensive is that it turns out to be haunted by its last tenant. Things are bad enough, but then one of Jennifer’s card club members dies in an accident. Jennifer realizes it’s more than that when she gets a card from the woman beyond the grave!

Murder and Salutations

card_3_kindleWhen Jennifer Shane is named Businessperson of the Year, no one is more shocked than she is. There is instant talk that the contest was rigged, and just after giving Jennifer the award, the presenter and president of the Chamber of Commerce Eliza Glade is murdered at the banquet. The list of suspects is long, and at the head of it is Jennifer’s big sister, Sara Lynn.