There are also times when Tim likes to explore supernatural themes.

Werewolf PI

Trask is a werewolf living in Dogtown, a slum where known werewolves are banished so they can be isolated and contained.  Trask makes his living as a private investigator, helping others who have no where else to turn.  There’s a tough barricade surrounding Dogtown, but when a Norm slips through to experience life on the dog side, Trask is hired by the family to track him down and return him safely.  As Trask hunts for the missing man, he risks his life with the worst werewolves of Dogtown.

Zombie PI

Yellow police tape on the top and bottom, with a black background
5,000 word Short Story!
Imagine a world where zombies can think, talk, and yet still crave human flesh. What happens when they interact with humans? Find out when Trask, the only zombie PI in Dead Town, is hired to find a missing human. To manage it in time, he must push the limits that even the undead find frightening.