Tim has written Young Adult science fiction and fantasy for the sheer joy of it.

Wizard’s School Year 1
The Wizard’s Secret

Raised at the Poison Ivy Orphanage, young Griffin has nearly lost hope when a stranger comes through with magic crystals that focus powers in the young.  The magician Sharidan is starting a new school for wizards who don’t show their true abilities until they are exposed to the crystals.  Griffin, along with new friends Luke and Callie discover that magic has its own set of problems!

Wizard’s School Year 2
The Killing Crystal

Griffin discovers a powerful new crystal while he and his classmates are exploring the bloody caves on a field trip away from the wizarding school, Darkthorn, but he’s shocked when he learns that it is the fabled Killing Crystal, one foretold many years before. As Griffin struggles to master the crystal, he must fight to keep the powers he worked so hard to earn the year before.

Paranormal Kids


Though both of Hannah Brock’s parents are Gifted with extrasensory powers, it appears that at twelve years old, she is not.  Sent to Tweener camp for those children who lack a Gift, Hannah soon stands out as a girl with some kind of Talent, though it’s not an easy task finding it.  Hannah is transferred to the Gifted camp, but she begins to doubt why until one day, her Gift suddenly appears, just in time to fight an evil that is quickly approaching!

Paranormal Camp

As Hannah’s powers increase, so does the trouble that seems to surround her.  A new counselor comes to camp, and Hannah seems to be the only one who doesn’t trust her.  As Hannah struggles to control her Gift, she finds new ways to get into trouble as she learns, but will she be good enough to withstand the onslaught of evil that is about to attack?