Occasionally, Tim likes to explore new cozy mystery worlds.

The images on this page link to the eReader (Kindle, Nook, iPad) versions of these books, and the paperback versions can be found on Amazon.

Slow Cooker Mysteries

Along with her overprotective family and her cat, Cleo–who also happens to be her landlord–Sarah Jacobs loves slow cooking more than anything else in the world. If she could avoid the occasional murder, her life would be just about perfect, but unfortunately, she can’t.

A Family of Strangers

In a few hours, Joshua Vance’s life is turned upside down. His proposal to his girlfriend is turned down, she asks him to leave their apartment, and he learns that a cousin he hasn’t seen in many years is in the hospital dying. Her last request is to see him. On a whim, Josh leaves everything behind in his old life and sets out to start a new one. He visits her and then moves into her home, being run as an old fashioned boarding house where lots of kooky characters live, and Josh does his best to become one of them as he starts a new life in North Carolina.

Volunteer for Murder

When Vera Hobart stumbles into the soup kitchen, most folks think she’s drunk. When they take a closer look though, they realize that she’s been stabbed. As volunteers Seth Jackson and Gillian Graywolf dig into the murder, they find more than they ever could have imagined, or bargained for.


Abraham Cole is the mayor and handyman for Coventry, North Carolina, a small town in the mountains. When he isn’t fixing doors and painting porches, he spends his days holding the town he loves together. From dealing with a runaway parade float to helping find a missing trash-man sculptor to a boy in town who needs a father-figure in his life, Abraham’s life is always full of surprises.