Tim, known mostly for his cozy mysteries, also has a dark alter ego named D.B. Morgan.  These books are definitely not for the faint of heart!

These books are written under the name D.B. Morgan, and are not standard Tim Myers cozy mystery novels. They have graphic language and adult situations that Tim’s regular readers may find offensive, so be aware!


When Cusp breaks out of prison, there are two things he must do; see his daughter, and kill the man who put him behind bars, Parrick Wolf. As a snowstorm takes over the sleepy little town of Alder Springs, Wolf battles the elements as well as the killer, and must search for his girlfriend’s missing daughter along the way.


Richard Dorey thinks life is fine until his house blows up! After he buries the remains of his wife and daughter, Richard discovers that, instead of perishing, they have been kidnapped by a madman. To get them back alive, Richard must meet harder and harder goals as he hikes a section of the Appalachian Trail. If he misses a checkpoint, his family will be punished, ultimately with death.


Three friends hiking in the Smokies stumble upon a dead body with a backpack full of cash. From the moment they decide to take the money and run, their lives become filled with danger as the real owner wants all of it back, and isn’t afraid to kill to get it.


When a group takes part in a wilderness survival course, no one knows that murder will be paying a visit as well. As each team member fights to break free from the mountains, they must also survive more than the harsh terrain.

Caved In


A caving expedition goes bad when two couples go underground. One man’s wife and the other woman’s husband are planning to leave them both where no one will ever find them, but the wronged pair have other plans. As the game of cat and mouse continues, no one is certain of getting out alive.