Tim has enjoyed writing Young Adult mysteries on occasion in the past.

Tackling the Truth

When Jeff learns that they’re moving just before his senior year of high school is about to begin, he’s crushed about losing his place on the football team.  That’s the least of his problems, though, when he and his mother and little sister move in with his grandfather, a man who is hiding his own secrets.  Jeff doesn’t realize it, but the truth about his long lost father is about to resurface as well, and Jeff is determined to learn the truth, no matter what the cost.

Lightning Ridge

More than anything, Jonathan loves being a camp counselor at Lightning Ridge, a summer camp for artistic kids. Besides teaching things from painting to sculpture to writing, the four counselors are trying out for one scholarship that will pay their way through college. As the counselors prepare for the final judging, mysterious things start happening to their submissions, and Jonathan and his friend Grace must find out who’s trying to sabotage everyone’s work.


Teenager Chaz’s life is complicated enough with a high maintenance girlfriend and a car that’s always breaking down, but things get even crazier when a mysterious stranger comes to stay with the family. Chaz is told the man is his Uncle Coop, someone he’s never even heard of before who is the black sheep of the family. Coop is a retired illusionist, but he’s retired from magic. Or has he?

Rebuilding My Life

13 year old Tom is sent to his Uncle Jake out in the country, a last-resort attempt to straighten him out after a troubled past. Tom tries to run away, but then realizes there’s nowhere for him to go. As he begins his summer with his uncle, Tom begins to learn more than he realizes. Building a cabin with Jake, he begins to rebuild his own life as well.