I’ve been a fan of science fiction for decades, so it was a natural step for me to start writing my own!  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

One Dimension Too Many

dark blue background with glowing doorway

When inventor Tom Beckett tests out his latest machine built to remove dirt from household objects, he is stunned to see a shimmering door of light appear in his shop. Upon further investigation Beckett discovers that he’s accidentally created a portal to another dimension, one where his counterpart has just been assassinated by a group determined to kill the secret of the gateway forever. With the help of new friends Anna, Bruno, and Sadie, Beckett must fight the Dead Eye Assassins and figure out why they want the group dead before it’s too late.

Praise from an early reader:

Inventor Tom Beckett didn’t mean to open a portal to another dimension. Or to attract the attention of assassins. Or to fall in love. But he’s managed to do all three—and all on the same day. Tom and his new friends will need all of his ingenuity and their street smarts to figure out why the killers want them dead before it’s too late.

– Kim H., Red Adept Editing