Book of Time and Ben Franklin

This Middle Grade Book follows Katherine and her younger twin brothers, Andy and Zach, as they travel back in time to repair a rip in the past before a Time Wave wipes out Ben Franklin before his time! With Malachi Crow’s help, they fight to stitch time back together before it’s too late.

This book also contains a brief biographical outline of Ben Franklin’s life.


Book of Time and Thomas Edison

Join Katherine, Andy, and Zach, as they go back in time again to save inventor Thomas Edison. When they get lost, they begin to wonder if they’ll ever make it back to their own time.

This book also contains a brief outline of Thomas Edison’s life.


Book of Time and Archimedes

Katherine, Andy, and Zach must stitch Time when they see a Time Wave while waiting on the school bus. When they try to warn Archimedes of danger, they must evade the soldiers who are determined to stop them.

This book also contains a brief outline of Archimedes’ life.


Crispin Livingston Hughes, Boy Inventor

Crispin’s dream is to win the science fair with one of his inventions. The only problem is that they aren’t 100% reliable all of the time. When he hears that one of his classmates, and main competitor, may be dying, Crispin sets out to find out what’s really going on, with his rival, and the competition!


Emma’s Emerald Mine

Young Emma is a rockhound at heart, and she lives in the perfect place in North Carolina where emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and many semi-precious stones exist. When the family is in danger of losing their home, Emma sets out to find an emerald to save the day, with unexpected consequences!

Lost in Monet’s Garden

In this middle grade series, brother and sister, Paul and Sarah, jump inside paintings at the art museum where their mother works. They must search for Keys within each work of art, guided and transformed by Trilinia, the Art Master, so she can return home.

This book also contains a brief outline of Claude Monet’s life.

Lost in Picasso’s Cubes

Art Master Trilinia sends Paul and Sarah into a Picasso painting this time to search for the next Key she needs for her freedom. As they hunt, they are suddenly in danger from the artist himself as he applies paint to the canvas they are searching!

Middle Grade Fantasy Bundle

Explore the world of inventors and artists with the Books of Time and the Lost in Art series. Follow Katherine, Andy, and Zach as they travel through time to save inventors who shaped the world, including Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Archimedes. In the Lost in Art series, travel with Paul and Sarah as they explore Monet and Picasso artwork, from the inside.

Each book has interesting information about the historical figure included.